About KiiZYs

We are an Australian home-based business started in 2018.

In a world overflowing with excess, we curated quality products sacred with multi purposes to champion the art of owning less.

Where simplicity meets sophistication, sustainability is wrapped in elegance.

Each box celebrates the beauty of 2nd chance. We invite you to elevate your life, one cylinder box at a time.

Matted Finished Define Tablescapes

KiiZYs utilitarian silverware is sleek and aesthetic.
Each piece is ergonomically engineered and stylishly simple.

  • Minimalism Meets Timeless Glamour

  • Streamlined Profiles & Architectural Angles

  • Slender Silhouette & Ergonomically Weighted

  • The Perfect Curves & Matte Finished

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    November 2022

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KiiZYs House Plant Pot Holders

Designed to decorate ordinary plastic pot planter.
Reverse to hessian or polyester to create an inspired home décor.

Environmental & Sustainable

Lightweight, effortlessly portable and storage convenient. Weaved hessian and textile add warmth to the indoor garden and complement existing flower pot decorations.

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Perfect Gifts For Gardeners

Thoughtful office, house and indoor gardening gifts for women and men. Make someone's day by sending them a unique fabric planter with beautiful succulents inside!

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KiiZYs' Aspirations : Sustainable Lifestyle

Owning less and consuming only the essentials. Re-use & re-purpose to reduce one’s carbon

  • FDA Approved

    KiiZYs Silverware and are FDA tested : Phthalates Free, Cadmium Free and Lead Free.

  • Customer Experience

    Personalized customer service and experience from Brand owners.

  • Sustainable Packagings

    Million tons of wrapping waste are generated each year, our packagings are designed for 2nd life.

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