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Pet Supplies KiiZYs Dog Travel Water Bottle - Dog Bandanas Green Scarf – Dog Chew Toy Birthday Accessories – Rabbit Cat Dog Products Stuff


  • PET MINIMALIST GIFTS: Feel the pride of being a responsible and caring owner with KiiZYs essential accessories that make tail wags & heart sings: incl 2x bandanas, 4-in-1 water bottle & cotton toys. Keep your furry friend comfortable & entertained.
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED BANDANAS: Fold and wear our scarves in different ways for various occasions to complement your pet’s coat. The gentle pressure around necks provides cosy and calming effect while offer protection from the cold and harsh UV rays.
  • 4-in-1 PET WATER BOTTLE: Streamline the packing for maximum convenience, just grab & go. Our bottle is sacred with storage for food, drinks, waste bags and food scoop. Have an enjoyable outing knowing your fur-baby is never thirsty or uncomfortable.
  • COTTON CHEW TOYS: The variety of textures in cotton provides great sensory stimulation for pets. Chewing on soft toys relieves boredom for energetic dog or teething puppy. Playing tug-of-war, fetch and interactive games with toys promotes bonding.
  • AlWAYS PREPARED FOR CLEAN UP: Extra storage for poop bags eliminates the need for separate bag dispensers, making it a practical space saving solution for outings; Simplify your pet care routine and focus on enjoying time with pet.
  • CELEBRATE FURRY FRIENDS: Great birthday or Christmas gifts for animal like dog, cat, hamster and rabbit. The box contains the essential items to keep your pets happy and healthy. Show your appreciation for the furry friends who enriched our lives.