About KiiZY

We are an Australian home based business started in 2018 with philosophy to create beautiful, high standard & exquisite homewares; making them as effortless and enjoyable for gift givers & recipients. At the end of the day, you can rest assured to receive personal service from brand owners, not staffs.

The Brand KiiZYs is a combination of my children's' names Zy and Yizzy, with letter 'i' represent 2 little toddlers. Struggled to enjoy corporate world after 20 years of working lives.

❝ We are creating a meaningful brand that could impact people in a positive way. ❞

I yearned for more purpose in my roles but never quite found it in corporate. I want to show my kids there are alternatives out there by creating a meaningful brand that could impact people in a positive way. I’m a wife, a working mum, an entrepreneur and giver at heart.

My passion is to create purposeful connections between gifts givers and receivers, by making them feel seen, understood, and celebrated with feelings of gratitude.

When you support KiiZYs, you are supporting a small business, a small family and their dreams.


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KiiZYs' Aspirations : Sustainable Lifestyle

Owning less and consuming only the essentials. Re-use & re-purpose to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

  • FDA Approved

    KiiZYs Silverware and are FDA tested : Phthalates Free, Cadmium Free and Lead Free.

  • Customer Experience

    Personalized customer service and experience from Brand owners.

  • Sustainable Packagings

    Million tons of wrapping waste are generated each year, our packagings are designed for 2nd life.