Gift Idea For Friends & Family Who Love Gardening: Indoor Plant Pot Covers

Gift Idea For Friends & Family Who Love Gardening: Indoor Plant Pot Covers

Indoor gardening and house plants have seen a huge boom over the past few years, as more and more budding gardeners are taking up this relaxing yet satisfying hobby. Seeing the development and growth of indoor plants can be incredibly rewarding as you follow your indoor plants journey as they transform your home into beautiful green living spaces.

Now you can bring a new level of chic to your pots and plants with the Kiizys Indoor Plant Pot Covers. Transform the lack lustre feel of those ordinary plastic pots, into a charming indoor plant talking-piece.

The Kiizys Indoor Plant Pot Covers feature natural woven hessian backed by a tartan-style fabric in a reversible design which allows you to use either side to compliment your home décor. Choose between rustic green, or red and white, the homely feel and style of these pot covers will certainly add warmth and charm to any room. Turn your ordinary plastic pots into stylish and homely nature pieces that will not only look amazing but will bring the benefit of helping to keep the soil warm and keep those picky plants happy – especially some tropical varieties.

These versatile pot covers come in three sizes – 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch, which means you can swap and change your covers as the plants evolve. To accommodate different shaped pots, these adaptable covers can be adjusted to fit the shape of the pot – using a lifter inside for shallow pots, folding the edge of the cover over for regular sized pots, or full length to allow for taller pots.

You can even be creative and combine with plant baskets and pot hangers to take your indoor plant landscape to the next level. All three covers are easily washable and are equipped with a double layer of hessian at the the bottom for added protection. Their lightweight and rigid design has been carefully crafted to ensure they maintain their shape, while two neat handles provide effortless portability.

The Kiizys Indoor Plant Pot Covers can be paired with an eye-catching succulent or indoor plant and be a great gift idea for women or men, young or old, at any time of the of the year. As an added feature, these handy pot covers and even the cylinder packaging can be transformed into containers for an appealing presentation. Less waste!

Giving the gift of gardening to friends and loved ones can create a lifelong hobby and love and can be a great way to introduce someone to indoor plants, as well as promoting a mindfulness and stress-reducing activity.


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