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How Do You Keep Gold Cutlery Shiny?

In a world where stainless steel utensils reign supreme, there's something undeniably captivating about eating with gold cutlery. Its warm luster and opulent charm can elevate any dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary. However, like all precious metals, gold requires special care and attention to maintain its brilliance over time.

How do you keep gold cutlery shiny? If you're tired of seeing your once-gleaming golden utensils lose their luster, fret not! This article will rescue you from dullness and reveal the tried-and-tested methods for preserving that coveted shine.

Why Gold Cutlery Needs Special Care

Gold cutlery requires special care due to its delicate nature. Gold is a soft metal that can easily scratch or dent, so handling it carefully is essential. Harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive scrubbers can damage the gold plating, so gentle cleaning is necessary to maintain its lustrous appearance. Additionally, prolonged exposure to acidic foods can tarnish the gold finish, making regular and careful cleaning essential to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Proper Cleaning Techniques to Keep Gold Cutlery Shiny

Proper cleaning techniques for gold cutlery involve gentle care to protect the delicate gold plating. Here's how to clean and maintain gold cutlery effectively:

1. Hand Washing:

It's essential to hand wash your gold cutlery to avoid subjecting it to the harsh conditions of a dishwasher. Dishwashers use solid detergents and high-water pressure, which can be abrasive and detrimental to the delicate gold plating. Hand washing allows for a gentler and more controlled cleaning process.

2. Mild Soap and Warm Water:

Use mild, non-abrasive dishwashing soap and warm water when hand washing your gold cutlery. Avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals, as they can damage the gold finish. A mild soap removes any food residue or stains without harming the metal.

3. Gentle Cleaning Tools:

Select soft cleaning tools, such as a sponge or a soft cloth, when cleaning your gold cutlery. Avoid abrasive scrubbers or steel wool, which can cause scratches and wear down the gold plating. Gentle tools help maintain the delicate nature of the gold finish.

4. Rinse Thoroughly:

After washing the cutlery with soapy water, it's crucial to rinse it thoroughly with warm water. This step removes all soap residues, which can otherwise leave streaks and spots on the gold surface. Thorough rinsing helps maintain the cutlery's brilliance.

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5. Pat Dry:

Gently pat the gold cutlery dry with a soft, clean towel after rinsing. Avoid air drying, as water spots can form on the surface and tarnish the gold plating over time. Patting dry with a cloth ensures the cutlery remains spotless and in excellent condition.

6. Avoid Soaking:

To protect the gold plating, avoid leaving your gold cutlery to soak in water for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to damage or tarnishing of the gold finish. Instead, clean and dry the cutlery promptly after use.

7. Use for Occasional Special Occasions:

While gold-plated cutlery adds an elegant touch to your table settings, it's best reserved for special occasions. Frequent use and cleaning can gradually wear down the gold plating, so use it selectively to prolong its lifespan and maintain its luster.

8. Store Carefully:

Proper storage is essential for protecting your gold cutlery. Store it in a soft-lined drawer or a padded storage case when not in use. This prevents the cutlery from contacting other complex objects that could scratch or damage the delicate gold surface.

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9. Avoid Abrasive Substances:

Be mindful of what comes into contact with your gold cutlery. Avoid using it with abrasive or acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, or intense cleaning chemicals. These can tarnish the gold plating or cause damage. It's best to use your gold cutlery for foods and dishes that won't compromise its finish.

10. Occasional Polishing:

You can occasionally use a specialized gold polishing cloth or cream to restore and enhance the shine of your gold cutlery. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and use these products sparingly to avoid over-polishing.

Storage Options to Maintain Gold Cutlery Shine

Proper storage is crucial to maintain the shine of your gold cutlery. Here are some storage options to consider:

  1. Soft-Lined Drawer: Store your gold cutlery in a soft-lined kitchen drawer. The soft lining helps protect the cutlery from scratching and maintains its shine.
  2. Padded Storage Case: Invest in a padded storage case designed explicitly for cutlery. These cases have individual slots for each piece, preventing them from coming into contact with each other and reducing the risk of scratches or tarnish.
  3. Felt Roll-Up or Wrap: A felt roll-up or wrap is convenient for storing cutlery. It keeps each piece separated and offers a compact and portable storage solution.
  4. Anti-Tarnish Cloth Pouches: Some cutlery sets have individual anti-tarnish cloth pouches for each piece. These pouches are designed to protect the cutlery from tarnishing during storage.
  5. Chest or Display Cabinet: Consider a chest or display cabinet with glass doors to showcase your gold cutlery. Ensure the interior is lined with soft material to prevent scratching.
  6. Flatware Trays: Use a flatware tray with soft dividers to separate each piece and prevent contact that may lead to scratches. Look for trays that fit the dimensions of your cutlery.


In conclusion, keeping gold cutlery shiny is simple but requires some care and attention. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your gold cutlery remains vibrant and lustrous for years. Remember to handle the cutlery carefully, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and clean them regularly.

Additionally, storing them properly will prevent tarnishing and scratches. With these simple tips, you can maintain the elegance and beauty of your gold cutlery collection. So go ahead, put these strategies into practice, and enjoy your sparkling table settings for every occasion!


Q: How often should I clean my gold cutlery?

A: Gold cutlery should be cleaned after each use to maintain shine and prevent tarnishing.

Q: How can I remove tarnish from my gold cutlery?

A: Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to create a paste. Apply this paste to the tarnished areas of your gold cutlery using a soft cloth or sponge. Gently rub in circular motions and rinse thoroughly before drying.

Q: Can I put my gold cutlery in the dishwasher?

A: It is generally recommended not to put gold cutlery in the dishwasher as exposure to harsh detergents and high heat can cause damage over time. Hand washing is usually the safest method for cleaning.


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